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Silent Valley We welcome all to our event, whether you are a seasoned walker or just beginning. You do not need to belong to a walking club to take part!

It is however important that you choose the walk most suited to your level of fitness and experience. If you decide to undertake one of the high mountain walks and you are not fit enough to do so you may risk not only your own safety but that of fellow walkers and those who may have to rescue you.

Lowland routes

All lowland routes have been pre-marked so that participants can walk at their own pace. Each lowland route will be waymarked in the colour of the wristband which you will be issued with when you register for the walk. While you will be issued with a map, map reading skills will not be necessary to complete the route. Control points will be positioned at intervals along the route with limited refreshment available. There will also be a support vehicle covering these routes so help is at hand if required. Please note there are no guides on these routes.

High level mountain routes

Mountain hike-these routes are very strenuous and are only suitable if you are very fit and have experience in mountain walking. More than one peak will be scaled on these routes (depending on the weather conditions on the day). These walks will be led by experienced local walking club members.

Mountain ramble-these routes are less strenuous than the hike but you will still need a reasonable level of fitness. On the ramble, rather than going over mountain summits, you will be contouring around mountains so there will be less height. However you are still within a mountain environment and safety is paramount.

Please bring your own refreshments for the mountain hike and ramble.

If deciding to undertake this type of walk you must follow the instructions of the leaders at all times, not only for your own health and safety but also to ensure that sensitive areas of the natural environment do not suffer excessive erosion. To take part in these routes you must have the basic safety equipment which is listed below otherwise leaders may refuse to take you. This is to ensure not only your safety but also of those around you.

Dogs are not permitted on any of the routes as there may be sheep and other farm animals adjacent to or on the route.

Mountain RambleFollow the Country Code
Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work. Guard against all risk of fire. Fasten all gates. Keep to public paths across farmland. Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls. Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone. Take your litter home. Help to keep all water clean. Protect wildlife, plants and trees. Take special care on country roads. Make no unnecessary noise.

Protective Clothing
Walkers on the Mountain routes should carry the following:

  • -rucksack
  • -walking boots are recommended for all high level mountain walks. Sandels and trainers are not suitable for these routes.
  • -waterproof coat and leggings
  • -spare clothing
  • -hat and gloves
  • -a torch
  • -whistle
  • -a packed lunch and extra food in case of emergency
  • -at least one litre of water
  • -basic first aid kit

It is strongly recommended that walking boots are worn for all walks and no jeans as when they get wet they are heavy and cold.

On the lowland routes walkers should carry the following-

  • -day sack
  • -packed lunch and water
  • -waterproof coat and leggings
  • -walking boots/and or trainers-though if wearing trainers please bear in mind that parts of the route may be muddy and wet underfoot depending on the weather conditions


We take your safety very seriously-if you do not check in at the end of your walk we may think you are missing or injured.

Special Note
Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult on all walks. Those taking part in any of the walks do so at their own risk. You are responsible for your own safety at all times. The Organisers or walk leaders reserve the right to cancel or alter any route or aspect of the festival.

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